Clicklease Helps Landscaping Equipment Supplier Sell 35% More

The Problem:

An Ohio-based landscaping equipment supplier needed a better financing partner. Their previous financing solution was denying too many customers. They had tried using QuickSpark, but they needed a better solution.

 In February of 2020, they discovered Clicklease.

The Solution

Now, this landscaping equipment supplier leverages Clicklease to close more sales. They have "click to apply" buttons on their website to make it as easy as possible for customers to access the financing options they need.

"Clicklease has helped us grow our business [and] has driven revenue growth in my organization."

—Office Manager, Landscaping Equipment Supplier

The Results

"Clicklease makes the application process easy for customers and us."

—Office Manager, Landscaping Equipment Supplier

With Clicklease, they've increased their sales and revenue by 35% and have made the process better for customers and sales reps.Customers also love Clicklease. They love Clicklease because:

  • Clicklease makes the application process easy.
  • Clicklease lets customers choose from customizable payment options.
  • Clicklease offers instant approvals.
  • Applying doesn't hurt a customer's credit.