Using the Tools in the Clicklease Marketing Toolkit

86% of Clicklease partners see higher sales and revenue growth. How? Clicklease gives sellers access to a new customer base—customers who don’t buy because they can’t pay cash and think they can’t afford it. Making customers aware of financing options early in the sales process, makes them more confident shoppers—shoppers who buy more.

In fact, 83% of small business customers say knowing their financing options helps them make a buying decision.

The Clicklease marketing toolkit makes it easier to introduce Clicklease financing and leverage it as a sales tool to grow your business.

What You'll Find in the Marketing Toolkit:

Email Marketing Tools to Make It Easy to Introduce Financing

Email marketing is a tried-and-true way to reach customers or potential buyers. Put customers at ease with every email by including Clicklease banners in your email signature. Or use one of our templates to send an email using your marketing email system. We include design templates and word documents to help you explain the value of financing and the specifics of how Clicklease works.

Grow Your Business on Social

Social media is becoming a core way customers gather information to make a buying decision. If you reach most of your customers through social media, why not educate those customers about making equipment affordable? Rather than promoting a sale or price decline, advertise affordability with our ready-to-go social posts. They explain financing and can link to your custom landing page for more information.

Why Buttons Are Helpful

It’s helpful to talk about financing early and often, but it’s never more important to make customers feel confident than at the point of sale. When customers are evaluating equipment and making a final decision, price and affordability is at the front of their mind.

Clicklease offers web ads and buttons that we can help you incorporate into each product page so customers can get approved and estimate their monthly payment to see how affordable your equipment can be. Once they’re approved, they’ll shop with confidence knowing their approval is good throughout your store.

The Clicklease Early Purchase Option

Our Early Purchase Option gives customers even more flexibility to afford their equipment. Customers are automatically offered the early purchase option (no need to opt in and at no cost to you). This gives them up to 5 months to purchase their equipment without using the full lease terms.

Our sellers leverage the Early Purchase Option as a key talking point to help customers feel confident with their financing. We try to make it as simple as possible, but customer will have questions.

That’s why we include handouts and explainers to make it easy to explain the early purchase option and encourages customers to reach out directly to Clicklease with additional questions, so you can get back to selling.

Also Included: 

Quick Start Guide:

This quick start guide is a great resource for any seller. It maps out how to get the most out of Clicklease by highlighting what some of our most successful partners did in their first 30 days.

Logo Files:

However you want to talk about Clicklease, we want you to have the tools you need. Find several options for logo files to use and some best practices from our designers.


We make financing simple and easy, but customers may still have questions. This FAQ page will help you answer some of your customers most common questions. You can also direct them to our customer service team at any time. We’re happy to help.

Step-by-Step How-to Videos:

Whether you’re just getting started or you need a refresher, these videos can help you submit an app, find customers in the portal, upload documents, and track applications every step of the way. Get customers from interested to funded in just a few clicks.

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