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3 Things Customers Need to Hear about Financing when Making a Buying Decision

In sales, pain points are big business—salespeople who can identify and solve their customers’ problems are 28% more likely to close the sale and hit their quota. Once you figure out your customer’s primary concerns, communicating the solutions can pose a challenge, whether in-person, on the phone, via text or chat, or over email. But make a good-faith effort to partner with your customer and discover the right solution for their business, communicate it clearly, and the sale will follow. Here’s what they need to hear to make the equipment purchase that will grow their small business.

“It’s Affordable.”

Price is always a selling point, but the demands of the last year and a half of pandemic life have reinforced customers’ thriftiness: in the past six months, 54% of consumers say they focused more on saving, and 56% became more price-oriented in their purchases. More than ever, customers hunt for deals and look for ways to lower their financial risks.

Approach cost transparently. Let your customer know that you want them to get the best deal, too, because you want the sale. This positions you and your customer as a team, working against pricing to find the right financial fit. Reassure them that they have options—Clicklease offers point-of-sale equipment financing to startups, side hustles, new entrepreneurs, and other credit-challenged small businesses. Approval arrives in minutes, and funding is quick and easy.

Stuck on the phrasing? Here are some lines you can use:

  • “It’s more affordable than you think.”
  • “We can work out a price that’s fair.”
  • “Let’s get to a number that’s good for both of us.”

“It’s Valuable.”

Value will mean different things to different industries—this Harvard Business Review study identified 40 elements of value but noted that professionals ranked them differently depending on their line of work. Identify what feature is most valuable to your customer (whether it’s configurability, cost-reduction, time-saving, or something else) and emphasize it. Your customer will see how this particular piece of equipment contributes to their business goals, making the decision to buy smoother and easier. Here are some ways you can highlight value:

  • “It does what you need it to do.”
  • “It checks all the boxes.”
  • “It’ll change the way you do business.”

“I’m Here to Help You”

Even if your pitch on price and value is perfect, your customer might still harbor concerns about the equipment purchase. Save your sale by exploring their objections and anticipate these hurdles, so you’re prepared at that moment to handle them. It might pertain to anything that could come up once your customer has the equipment in hand: warranties, return policies, delivery, service contracts, and so on. You can tackle these point by point as you go through the finer points of the purchase.

At this point, however, the pitch could be perfect, and your customer could still need broader emotional support in buying what they need. Maybe they’ve experienced buyer’s remorse before, or they’re nervous about the perceived risks of financing, particularly if their business is new. Whatever the cause, you have a golden opportunity to provide a voice of reason and reassurance. Discuss your other customers’ success stories, remind them of the value this item will add to their entrepreneurial endeavors, and offer them a little optimism.

Here are some potential starting points:

  • “If it doesn’t work out, it’s returnable.”
  • “I’ll walk you through our warranty options.”
  • “You’ll be glad you did this.”

A big purchase requires proportionately big support, but all that invested effort can lead to a lasting business relationship and repeat sales. Point-of-sale equipment financing through Clicklease eliminates the financial barriers holding your customer back and allows you to focus on calming concerns and providing reassurance. Here’s how to get started.

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