5 Lessons for Equipment Sellers from Super Bowl LVII

The Super Bowl is the pinnacle both of football and B2C marketing. The biggest brands pay millions of dollars for coveted ad space. (The average Super Bowl ad costs $7 million just for the airtime. The cost of producing the ad could run another million dollars.)

But even if you aren’t planning to create the next viral Super Bowl ad, there are plenty of lessons you can learn about equipment selling from the Super Bowl this year.

Lesson #1: Lay the Groundwork

The turf for the big game caused a lot of problems for players on both teams. One player said it was “like playing in a water park.” Another said, “It was the worst field that I’ve ever played on.” Several players were seen changing out their cleats halfway through the game for ones that would give them better grip.


The Takeaway: A great performance starts from the ground up.

Lay the groundwork for a successful sale by setting expectations early. Whether that’s detailed specs a buyer will need or understanding buyer budget and how their planning to pay for the equipment, clarifying the buying plan early will set you up for a quick and successful sale.

Lesson #2: Make Your Customer the Hero

Everyone’s talking about Binky Dad. Kia’s Super Bowl ad featured a dad racing down a mountain in his SUV to bring back a lost binky. The in-ad universe monitored his exploits and hailed him as a hero. Now the ad itself is winning best-of awards.


What makes this ad so great?

It’s a great example of making the customer the hero of the story. Kia’s SUV is just a tool to help Binky dad save the day. This mentality is even more important when you sell literal tools. When talking to customers, focus on how your equipment can turn your customer into a hero.

Lesson #3: Show How Your Product Fits into Their Plans

In the ad that caused arguments all over the country, Tubi showed exactly how their app would fit in your life. Their ad featured Super Bowl sportscasters and showed their app taking over your TV screen.


It may have caused a chorus of “who’s sitting on the remote?!” but it also showed how seamlessly Tubi could fit into the things you’re already doing—like watching the Super Bowl.

Make it easy for customers to see how your equipment can fit into their business. This could include showrooms or targeted visual ads, or it could be specs and details of how they could leverage the equipment. Making sure equipment “fits their business” also includes their budget. Make sure you’re helping small businesses buyers find equipment that fits their budget. And disclose financing options that can help equipment match monthly revenue expectations.

Lesson #4: Overcome Objections

Ram’s “Premature Electrification” ad was the talk of the night. They garnered attention by spoofing erectile dysfunction ads to talk about their new electric vehicle. It made people laugh...and talk.

But it also clearly articulated common objections people have about electric vehicles and addressed the concerns.


What are the most common objections you hear during the sales cycle? Do you have an answer or solution ready-to-go?

If one of your common objections is price point, Clicklease can help you overcome it without offering discounts. Clicklease makes expensive equipment more affordable by offering low monthly payments designed to fit your customer’s budget. So you can make the sale and they can start generating revenue right away.

Lesson #5: Get the Ball into the End Zone

Supefinal scorer Bowl LVII was third highest scoring Super Bowl in history with a combined 73 points. Combined, the teams scored 9 touchdowns and 3 field goals. As John Madden famously said: “You can’t win a game if you don’t score any points.”

In equipment sales, the sales process can feel like a 90-yard drive; the end zone is a closed deal. Those last 10 yards all come down to your point-of-sale experience. Don’t fumble the ball in the end zone or settle for a field goal. Have a playbook that makes it easy to get the ball into the end zone.

Clicklease financing can be one more play in your playbook to make sure your customers can afford the equipment they need. We approve customers across the credit spectrum, so a financing decline doesn’t have to turn in to a fumble in the end zone.

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