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5 Ways to Boost Online Sales Without Spending Any Money

You know how the old axiom goes: you have to spend money to make money—but not always! Here are five free and rock-solid ways to boost your sales numbers without spending a dime.

Find the Right Financing or Leasing Partner

Your customer can fall in love with a piece of equipment, see its value to their business, and want to give you the sale … and still walk away with nothing. Why? Financial hurdles. But if your customer lacks the cash in hand or is credit-challenged, you can still salvage the sale by partnering with Clicklease. Point-of-sale leasing offers attractive terms and payment options to buyers, pays you in full for the equipment upfront, and increases sales by 32%. And, best of all, using Clicklease costs you nothing.

Integrate Multiple Payment Options

“Website integration” might sound too technical (and expensive) for you to worry about, but it’s really just helping your online storefront communicate with other apps and services. And with Clicklease, adding a payment button to each product page on your website couldn’t be easier—importing is simple, and dedicated support reps can help you via live chat 24/7. Prominently displaying payment options online will help customers decide to buy and help you rake in more sales.

Refine Your SEO Strategy

Is your SEO strategy pulling in as many eyeballs as it should? Optimizing your search engine ranking can drive huge sales. The top-ranked result catches 20.5% of the clicks, with the second and third highest results both snagging 13%. To level up your SEO game, make sure your meta descriptions, page titles, and product descriptions include the keywords that drive your market.

Stay Fresh on Social Channels

Could you post more frequently on your social media channels? Probably, but what you post matters just as much as how often. People love to see equipment in action—look no further than Instagram or YouTube to see process videos with millions of views. Leverage your social platforms to highlight how your equipment works and demonstrate features that set you apart from your competition. With consistency, those viewers will become customers.

Keep in Touch with Your Customers

Once you’ve closed a sale and your customer has received their equipment, shoot them a quick follow-up email or text to ensure they’re satisfied. Or set a calendar reminder to check in with them on the anniversary of their purchase to congratulate them and see how their business is going.

Take it a step further and offer returning customers a special discount on upgrading their equipment. Anything you can do to drive repeat business is a boon to your bottom line because it costs five times as much to sell to a new customer as it does to an existing one.

There are myriad ways to make more money, but not all of them require you to blow more capital on new technology or new marketing. Smart leasing solutions, dedicated maintenance of your online presence, and good old-fashioned customer care go a long way toward boosting your revenue at no cost. Start today by partnering with Clicklease.

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