Two people talking about equipment financing

Even if you understand the pros and cons of equipment financing, your customer might not be aware of them. Here are seven major Clicklease benefits, and at least one or two of them could transform the way your customer does business. Here’s how to help your customer see what’s possible with equipment-specific financing.

1. No Hunting for Paperwork

Gathering paperwork is a huge hassle, and it might prevent customers from making the equipment purchase they need. Many busy small business owners can’t sacrifice the time to scan and import documents. With Clicklease, your customer doesn’t need to worry about letters of recommendation or months of bank statements. Let them know upfront that Clicklease requires almost no paperwork—the entire process takes less than four minutes, and they can fill out their application on a cell phone.

2. Even Bad Credit Can Get an Approval

Thirty percent of consumers have subprime credit, with a score below 670. These credit-challenged customers struggle to qualify for traditional lending and might not have enough savings to pay cash. Clicklease can help you capture this large portion of consumers by offering financing solutions for every customer—even those with bad credit.

But, customers with limited credit aren’t the only ones that can benefit from equipment financing. Business owners can conserve precious capital and credit for other expenses by securing equipment financing. Tell your customers that all credit scores are welcome, and they’ll feel confident in approaching you for financing.

3. Terms and Payments Tailored to Customers

Emphasize that Clicklease allows entrepreneurs to tailor their equipment financing to their cash flow by selecting terms that fit what they can afford every month. There are no surprises, no gimmicks—just affordable financing that allows your customer to build their small business dream.

4. Don’t Waste Time Waiting for Underwriting

Your customer is approaching you because they’re ready to buy—not ready to wait weeks for a traditional loan to go through the application process, underwriting, and approval. Clicklease evaluates applications with an algorithm, which allows for amazingly fast approvals and funding. Let your customer know that you’re ready to help them grow their business as soon as possible with equipment financing.

5. Flexible Funding that Fits

Alternative lenders—that is, anyone who’s not a big bank or credit union—net much higher approval rates because they’re able to deal in flexible amounts. Banks pay underwriters and several other employees who originate the application, so their minimum loan amounts are higher to compensate for those costs. But what about a customer who doesn’t want a huge business loan? Clicklease offers amounts from $500 to $20,000, with no out-of-pocket fees for you and flexible terms for your customer. We help you keep financing flexible.

6. No Risk to Apply

Credit-challenged customers dislike the prospect of a hard credit pull, especially if they’ve suffered refusals in the past but still watched their score take a hit. You can solve that anxiety with Clicklease: not only is your customer more likely to get approved, but they don’t need to worry about denting their credit. No hard credit pull, no problem.

7. Pick Up Some Tax Deductions

A full discussion of the US tax code is probably beyond the scope of what your customer needs (and we’re not tax experts here!), but in short: monthly lease payments can be an attractive tax deduction for small business owners. And those savings can be easily scooped up if your customer partners with Clicklease instead of buying equipment outright. Everyone loves a good tax deduction!

Want fast, easy savings for your customers, at no cost to you? Partner with Clicklease today. Our seamless website integration will add an equipment financing option to every product on your digital storefront and help you capture more sales.