6 Marketing Campaigns to Steal to Sell More Equipment

Equipment sales can be a tough business. If you're looking for ways to rejuvenate your marketing efforts to drive more sales, try these six marketing campaigns that show you how to do just that.

Create a How-to Guide

This is one of the easiest ways to get started. You can create a short how-to guide or video to teach customers how to use your equipment. This is especially helpful if you're selling something that's a little complex, like an industrial machine.

In addition to simply explaining how the product works and what it does, consider offering guidance on common questions customers may have about its use. For instance, if you sell a coffee roaster, your how-to guide could include instructions on how to roast coffee beans at home without burning them.

Give Customers a Peek Behind the Curtain

When you share how equipment works, how it's made, when it's used and installed, and how it's maintained, your audience develops an emotional connection with your company.

Let potential customers see how awesome your products are through detailed descriptions that show off the equipment’s features in action. This will also make customers more confident with their purchase.

Share Photos of Existing Customers

One of the best ways to sell more equipment is by showing your existing customers how they are using the products you sell. You can do this by sharing photos of customers in action, or even better, testimonials from actual users who have purchased your product. This is a great way to show potential buyers that others like them have used what you’re offering and had success with it. A photo of a satisfied customer using their new equipment will go much further than any sales copy or marketing campaign!

This method works for any business that sells tools and equipment (including construction tools, lawnmowers, lawn care products). Take pictures of real people using your products—whether at home or in their place of work—and share them on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. You can also post these images directly onto your website so visitors can see exactly how other people use your products to accomplish their goals!

Give Examples

You can also use examples to show how your equipment can be used in a variety of industries. This could include images of workers using the product, or even a video that shows how people are using it to complete their jobs. You might want to consider including an image from a customer’s site so they can see the physical space where your product is being used—it’s a great way to demonstrate just how flexible and adaptable your products are! We recommend showcasing this on Instagram and Facebook, especially if you have an account for each specific piece of equipment you sell (like we do).

Another great way to showcase your products is by showcasing how much money customers will save with them—this helps demonstrate why they need what you're selling right now! Showing things like time saved or materials saved will help buyers see why they should invest today instead of tomorrow. You can also highlight features by showing projects completed by using those features; this gives potential customers some ideas as well.

Leverage User Generated Content

User generated content, or UGC as it's known in the marketing world, is any content that is created by your customers and shared on social media. Examples include photos of people using your product or videos about how satisfied users are with their purchase.

User generated content provides several benefits for you as a manufacturer:

  • It's authentic because it comes from actual customers who have experience with your product or service—not from you!
  • It can be used in advertising to build trust with potential buyers by showing them that other people like them are happy with what they're buying from you. This will increase sales because it gives consumers confidence in purchasing a product or service after seeing others who have also raved about their experiences.

Emphasize Benefits over Features

There's a difference between a product's features and its benefits.

While the former are easy to understand (it has four wheels, it can go up to 10mph), the latter is more elusive and complicated. In fact, this is one of the most important elements of marketing your equipment: convincing people that your product will solve their problem or help them achieve their goal.

The best way to do this is to focus on how your equipment will benefit them. This means that you need to ask yourself two questions: What problem does my product solve? Why should they buy it? For example: If you're selling a treadmill, don't just tell customers that there are 5 pre-set programs and 2 incline settings; instead explain how these options allow for greater flexibility during exercise sessions—which could mean less time spent in the gym because users can get more out of each workout session using these functions!


We hope you’ve learned a lot from these six marketing campaigns. If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out our other blog posts on how to market your equipment business!

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