Clicklease Helped this Equipment Seller Close Deals 90% Faster

The Problem:

An auto repair shop and fleet management service with several locations in the Carolinas needed a better financing partner. Their current financing partner was denying too many customers. They had tried using First Citizens, but they needed a better solution. 

In June of 2019, they discovered Clicklease.

The Solution

Now, this auto shop views Clicklease as a "critical sales tool to help us close more deals." They have "click to apply" buttons on their website, include the application link in their sales reps' email signatures, and advertise financing options in marketing materials and on social media.

"[The] process frees up time and allows me to use it elsewhere. The process is simple, quick, and effortless. Clicklease does all the work."

—Frankie Underwood, Director of Sales

The Results 

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