Infographic: The Impact of Clicklease

Clicklease is simple, fast, and efficient. It helps partners large and small sell more equipment to more customers. A partner like that impacts your bottom-line and creates a better buying experience for your customers and your employees. 

We asked our seller partners about the impact Clicklease has had on the bottom-line metrics that matter most to their organization. 

86% of equipment sellers say working with Clicklease has driven revenue growth for their team and their organization. Clicklease makes it easier to close deals. We approve customers most financing options deny, so customers never have to leave empty-handed.

Several metrics impact bottom-line revenue. Which revenue-driving metric matters most to you? Whichever metric you measure, Clicklease can help you achieve it.

The_Impact_of_Clicklease_3With Clicklease, equipment sellers increased customer satisfaction by 34%. They closed deals 54% faster and the deals they closed were 32% bigger. Customers were 24% more likely to come back for a second purchase. Overall, with Clicklease equipment sellers increased sales by 39%.

All that growth means 86% of Clicklease partners say that Clicklease has helped them grow their business. 

Clicklease approves customers no one else will, so with Clicklease, equipment sellers can reach customers that would have walked away empty-handed.

79% of equipment sellers say Clicklease helped them sell to a customer base they didn't have access to before: customers with poor credit, new business just getting started, and side-hustlers working from their garage are all welcome with Clicklease. There's no credit check, no time-in-business requirements, and no documents needed.

Applying with Clicklease takes less than 3 minutes, and customers will get an instant decision. And because there's no hard credit pull, customers can apply risk-free so they can get all the information before making a decision. Small business customers love it when equipment sellers offer Clicklease financing. Here's why:

The_Impact_of_Clicklease_6Clicklease customers love our easy application process, instant answers, and that we approve a wide range of customers. They also love choosing from custom payment options and that applying never hurts their credit. Some customers have even found some unique tax benefits that only leasing can provide. 

The_Impact_of_Clicklease_7Equipment sellers love working with Clicklease, too. 83% of Clicklease partners would recommend Clicklease to a friend.

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