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How Small Businesses Prep for Black Friday

The holiday shopping season is almost here, which means plenty of consumers are ready to spend money and check off wish lists. Analysts predict that sales will rise 7-9% over last year, with ecommerce sales continuing the rapid pace of growth. Retailers expect a higher sales volume after Thanksgiving and can bulk up their inventory accordingly to satisfy eager customers. Here’s what small business owners need to consider as they get ready to make bank during the holiday season.

Gear Up for Small Business Saturday

While Q4 presents huge revenue opportunities to retailers, the days immediately following Thanksgiving remain extra appealing. At least 70% of American consumers are aware of Small Business Saturday, which started in 2010 to direct post-Thanksgiving shopping dollars to local retailers. In recent years, this has expanded to include small online sellers using platforms such as Etsy or Shopify to support themselves. Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday draw billions of dollars in revenue each year, especially online.

This year, Small Business Saturday falls on November 27—less than a month before Christmas. Consumers will expect to see their orders ship quickly, so savvy entrepreneurs will need to be ready for immediate action. Help your small business customers prepare now with point-of-sale equipment financing via Clicklease so they’re not stuck waiting for weeks on traditional bank lending to get the tools they need for holiday success.

Lure Wait-Weary Customers Away from Big-Box Retailers

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to snarl supply chains worldwide, posing a problem for big-box retailers who rely on mass production overseas. But the bad news for big retailers is good news for small businesses: consumers who otherwise might not shop small will want unique gifts on a quicker timetable than large producers can meet. And catching new customers means potentially retaining more customers in the future, a key component of a thriving small business.

How can you support your entrepreneurial customers in capturing more shoppers this year? Offer them flexible equipment financing options. Reducing their equipment costs to manageable monthly payments instead of a lump sum upfront allows business owners to focus more cash on attracting (and keeping) consumers who feel let down by traditional retailers this year.

Don’t Let Cash Flow Issues Hobble Q4 Revenue

The fourth quarter of the year can make or break small businesses, with 74% of online retailers and 71% of brick-and-mortar retailers reporting that year-end is their most profitable period. Readiness to fulfill client orders during these three months is critical to the survival and success of any customer-facing business. However, on the other side of the coin, 60% of small business owners have experienced significant cash flow issues at some point, resulting in restricted growth, interrupted operations, and lost opportunities.

For a cash-strapped entrepreneur who needs to draw big revenue during Q4, equipment financing via Clicklease allows them to get the tools they need without taking a big financial hit. Your customers can easily select point-of-sale financing on your online storefront, choose a payment plan that works for them, and start producing goods ahead of the holiday season. And, because Clicklease fully funds purchases as soon as they’re approved, you’ll be boosting your Q4 revenue, too.

Ready to get a head start on your year-end equipment sales? Partner with Clicklease today to offer fast and easy point-of-sale financing to your customers.