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Strengthen Your B2B Marketing Strategy with These 5 To-Dos

As an equipment seller, your small business buyers, are not so different from regular consumers in their needs, expectation, and pain-points. In fact, many of your prospective buyers may be sole proprietors looking for the most affordable way to launch or grow their side hustle.

If you’re running low on marketing ideas to appeal to small but growing business buyers, here are five campaigns and strategies to swipe and adopt immediately. These will not only cater to your unique demographic but will also help you score more online engagement, boost sales, and move more product.

Marketing To-Do Number 1: Create a High Performing Website

Your website is the hub of all your digital marketing efforts. Your product may be exactly what your buyers need to make their businesses thrive, but if your website fails to impress—or even deliver—the success of any marketing campaign in driving traffic is a moot point.

High performing websites for today’s business buyers include, at minimum:

  • Responsive design that scales to any screen size. Your website should be accessible on any device.
  • Comprehensive product listings. Include the specifications of each product you offer and invest in professional photos to showcase the equipment in use.
  • Straightforward, versatile payment options. At least 40% of your customer base can’t qualify for traditional B2B lending or use credit cards to purchase the equipment they need. Providing a third financing option at the point of sale will close more deals.

After you’ve checked off each line-item, you can proceed to more advanced to-dos, such as implementing artificial intelligence solutions.

Marketing To-Do Number 2: Deploy AI Solutions 

While artificial intelligence represents many useful applications in an increasing number of industries, in the world of marketing, AI-enabled chatbots now power at least 85% of customer service engagement online. Why? Because satisfying the expectations and volume of today’s consumers is not humanly possible.

With chatbot technology, however, your website visitors can have access to:

  • 24-hour service
  • Instant responses to inquiries
  • Answers to simple or frequently asked questions
  • Low-pressure, top-of-funnel conversation

Chatbots are the AI version of a sales rep smiling at a customer in your showroom and asking if they need help finding what they’re looking for. Your website should use chatbots for the same reason—to make that initial contact and start a conversation.

Marketing To-Do Number 3: Launch a Multichannel Campaign

In 2017, relationship marketing SaaS developer Optimove, found that multichannel marketing campaigns were 37% more effective than single channel campaigns in prompting engagement. This is because multichannel campaigns take advantage of the fact that today’s average adult connects to the internet through 4.5 different devices and any number of preferred channels (e.g., social media, YouTube, email, SMS, phone calls, etc.). All of these touchpoints are opportunities!

The most successful multichannel campaigns focus on a single customer view and then create a consistent experience across all channels. According to Optimove, the overall goal is to “reach the right person with the right message through the right channel at the right time.”

Your takeaway: A little imagination and synchronized content goes a long way. Make strategic use of all your media channels, stay on brand, and craft a cohesive message across all channels.

Marketing To-Do Number 4: Become a Thought Leader

Launching a thought leadership campaign means establishing your brand as the end-all source for information about your industry. In Oracle’s case, they invested in in-depth, original research on pertinent issues, such as the disconnect between present banking practices and consumer expectations. They provided valuable tools for evaluation, workshops, and bootcamps, and distributed their well-researched content (ex. “The Millennial Migration: How Banks Can Remain Relevant in Their Decision-Making Eco-System”) across multiple channels and through key influencers.

Your takeaway: Establish your brand as an expert in your industry by offering expert advice, information, and resources. Education is a value-added service that sets up your brand as a fixture for your customers and ensures your longevity.

Marketing To-Do Number 5: Make Big Purchases More Palatable

As SMBs and startups, many of your customers are working with set budgets, so as you guide your business buyers through the marketing funnel, promote their financing options every step of the way.

  1. Display an expected payment option anywhere a product’s price is listed.
  2. Whether in your showroom or your online store, promote financing prominently at the point of sale.
  3. Take the time to train your staff on the financing program.
  4. Make check out/signup fast and easy (ex. instant approvals with Clicklease takes seconds with an approval rate of 68% for startups and credit-challenged SMBs).

Remember, an effective promo financing campaign will not only reassure your buyers that they can indeed afford your products, but it will also convince them to act quickly.

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