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Clicklease approves customers no one else does. Whether they have poor credit, no time in business, or just don’t want the hassle and paperwork of traditional financing, Clicklease’s instant approvals and flexible payment plans make it easy to afford the equipment small businesses need to grow.

Small business customers love working with Clicklease (just check out our 540+ Google Reviews). Here are just 7 reasons why:

No Documents Required = No Need to Hunt Down Paperwork

Many traditional lenders, including B2C providers, assume customers are walking around carrying three months of bank statements, past credit card statements, letters of recommendation—you get the idea. Clicklease doesn’t require customers to brandish a pile of documents to buy a piece of equipment. And if customers don't need to leave the storefront, whether it’s online or brick-and-mortar, to hunt down paperwork, they’re more likely to make the purchase.

All Credit Scores Welcome = We Approve SMBs No One Else Will

Credit-challenged entrepreneurs come from a variety of backgrounds—they might run a startup, have fewer than two years in business, or be rebuilding their credit from prior business ventures. Clicklease welcomes customers of every credit level, including those whom traditional lenders might deem too risky. You can capture an entire segment of the market that otherwise might not be able to buy equipment from you.

But even for customers who do have excellent credit or have a longer time in business, equipment financing still makes sense. Instead of spending precious capital on equipment, they have the option to secure financing with terms and payments they can understand and afford.

Pick Your Payment = Flexible Payment Plans

Flexible payment plans allow customers to get what they need now, so they can continue to ramp up production and increase profits. With Clicklease, customers can tailor their payment plans to fit their cash flow, with longer terms and lower monthly payments if necessary. That enables customers to reach for a piece of equipment that would otherwise be beyond their budget.

Approvals in Under Four Minutes = No More Waiting Weeks for Approval

Because Clicklease reviews applications with an algorithm and not with human underwriters, loan approvals arrive in under four minutes. No need to wait for weeks, unable to move forward with business plans, sitting on tenterhooks.

Plus, the process of getting paid for your equipment also moves quickly, and you can track it through Clicklease’s seller-friendly portal.

Approvals from $500 to $20,000 = Options for Purchases Big and Small

Think instant approvals must mean low amounts? Think again! Clicklease offers financing in amounts ranging from $500 to $20,000, so your customer can shop for the equipment they really need without settling for less. (Plus, approval for $20,000 in under four minutes feels pretty amazing.)

No Hard Credit Pull = Applying Won’t Ding Your Credit

For a credit-challenged customer, a hard credit pull presents a daunting prospect—they’re wary about hurting their credit scores for a loan that might not even get approved. Clicklease’s process doesn’t include hard credit pulls, so applying doesn’t pose any risk to your customer’s score. They have nothing to lose and life-changing equipment financing to gain.

Tax Benefits = A Different Way to Think about Payments

You should always consult a tax professional before offering or taking tax advice. Still, the short story is: there’s a tax benefit if customers lease equipment or buy it outright. Because Clicklease technically owns the equipment and takes lease payments on it, customers can then turn around and deduct the entire monthly lease payment as a business expense.

Not only will Clicklease help you move more inventory and close more sales, but it can also help you build a loyal customer base—because it’s all about helping the customer. Click here to get started today.

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